Talisman for Solo Guitar (2018)

Title: Talisman

Year: 2018

Instrumentation: Solo Guitar

Duration: 2' 30"


Commissioned by and wirrten for Kevin Daniel Cahill.


Talisman takes its inspiration from physical objects which have allegedly been adorned with magical properties that act as protection for the carrier of such items. These artefacts often come in the form of small trinkets like jewellery, gemstones, clothing, scrolls, relics, animals and carved symbols or drawings; however, this piece represents a Talisman in musical form. The score itself is inscribed with the symbol of the Triple Goddess Pentacle (a triptych image depicting as a waxing moon, a full moon encompassing an upward pointing pentagram and a waning moon) which invokes the emblem's protective powers over this musical object. The melancholic work is only 2 minutes in duration and, much like a talisman, attempts to radiate power and significance beyond its diminutive size.

Talisman for Solo Guitar (2018)

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