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Arcadia for SATB Choir (2019)

Title: Arcadia

Year: 2019

Instrumentation: SATB Choir 

Duration: 4' 30"


Commissioned by Choir & Organ Magazine and wirtten for the University of St Andrews' St Salvator's Chapel Choir.


Arcadia takes its inspiration from a 16th Century poem entitled ‘Of the Day Estivall’ by Alexander Hume, in which Hume paints an image of a long summer’s day in Scotland. This song is set in the poem’s original Scots dialect and attempts to capture Hume’s evocative imagery in a musical context. Thusly, the title Arcadia is derived from the utopian and pastoral connotations contained within Hume’s text.

Arcadia for SATB Choir (2019)

  • This sheet music is available as a digital download only. Upon your purchase, you will be given instant access to your digital score/parts via a download link in your confirmation email.


    Digital copies of this score may be printed only for the sole use of the individual player/purchaser of this music. Do not photocopy this music or share the digital/physical copy with others under any circumstance.


    It is advised that the purchaser of this digital sheet music can print each score/part as a double-sided booklet (some solo works may be printed a single sheets for ease of use). Please note that works containing a score and set of parts are presented as one PDF file and have been divided by a non-printable sheet for clarity between each score/part, meaning that those separating pages can be omitted and printing can resume from the following page.

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