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So my tears flow for Soprano Saxophone & Piano (2020)

Title: So my tears flow

Year: 2020

Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone & Piano 

Duration: 4' 30"


Written for Lewis Banks.


Originally written for Soprano Voice and Piano, So my tears flow is a reimagining of this lamenting song as a new work for Soprano Saxophone and Piano. Inspired by Ludwig Rellstab’s poem Aufenthalt, this piece attempts to portray the haunting, forbidding landscape described in Rellstab’s text which mirrors the anguished and viscerally emotional inner world of the inhabitant of such a forsaken place. The title of this reimagined song-without-words refers to a particular line in Rellstab’s grief-stricken poem that reads: “As wave follows wave, so my tears flow, ever renewed.”

So my tears flow for Soprano Saxophone & Piano (2020)

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